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De-cluttering your home or office is therapeutic.


- Free up living/working space creates a safer and stress free living/working environment.

- As you purposefully organize and de-clutter your home/office, you’ll realize how many possessions have accumulated and begin to evaluate future purchases more carefully, which ultimately saves money.

- The more you practice evaluating the value of things in your life, the less attached you become to stuff in general.

- You’ll have a better idea of where things are in your home/office and be able to find them more quickly and easily.

- You’ll spend less time dusting and cleaning.

- Simplify and enjoy life.


We want your home or office to be clean, fresh and organized when we are done de-cluttering your space. We will also discard the items removed. We don’t want to overload the landfills and encourage you donate the worthy items to a charity. This can help someone in need as well as help our environment.

Whether you’re moving, downsizing, de-cluttering or estate clearing, our Professional Organizing Service will help you sort and eliminate accumulated possessions and organize any room.

Our pre-inspection will include specific questions about your home or office and your possessions to help determine what items you will keep and what items to discard. We want to know your concerns immediately so they can addressed at the beginning of the process.

Once we determine which room(s) needs attention, we will start the de-cluttering process. Items will be sorted in 3 piles;

KEEP, DONATE and TOSS. The keep pile will then be categorized appropriately based on the items. This will help expedite the process and ensure we are not duplicating our efforts, especially if more than one room is involved in the de-cluttering process.

Before we leave, we will perform a post inspection with you. We want to ensure we have removed all items necessary and placed all your keepsakes back in their proper place. We want to ensure we have performed our Professional Organizing Service to your satisfaction. If you have any questions about our service we want to discuss this with you before we leave. We respect you, your belongings and your space.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

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