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All floor finish films are thermoplastic. Thermoplastic is simply a term that defines a material that will flow, deform or become "plastic" when heated.


Having your floors maintained by a professional can save yourself time, money and stress. Jaiko Cleaning Services will come to your home or office with all the floor stripping and waxing materials and machines required to get the entire job done. Once onsite, we will quickly get started cleaning the floors, and will follow all the appropriate steps to make sure the floors are stripped and waxed the right way. The results can last a long time, and that means an investment that is well worth the small cost!


Safety is important to all of us. We use a variety of the latest indoor safe agents and products.


We will perform a pre-cleaning inspection with you. Our pre-cleaning inspection will include specific questions about your floor to help determine what products and apparatus necessary as well as what items and/or areas are priorities. We want to achieve the best results for you.

Once we know what you want, we will remove all furniture, rugs, and smaller items from the area. The floors are swept, vacuumed and mopped with lukewarm water. The floor stripping and waxing process will start in the farthest corner from the exit and will complete at the exit. We will apply the stripper to break down the old wax and let it sit for the appropriate time required. Once ready, we will use a floor pad on our floor machine to remove the wax buildup as well as the floor stripping and waxing residue. The floor is then rinsed with a green neutralizing solution to make the floor surface neutral. The floor must fully dry before we apply a floor sealer and then the wax. We will discuss the amount of floor sealer and wax required based on the floor type and floor usage . The newly sealed floor will be buffed with a floor machine before the wax is applied and if required, will be buffed again after the wax has dried.

Lastly, we want to ensure your complete satisfaction and will perform a post inspection with you before we leave. We want to ensure to your satisfaction answering any questions you may have about the floor stripping and waxing process.

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