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Our sense of smell is the first of all our senses to develop. Even before we are born, our sense of smell is fully formed and functioning. Humans can distinguish more than 10,000 different smells (odorants).


As a certified firm through the Clean Trust, we have the knowledge and experience required to get your home odour free. We are trained to provide quality service using the latest techniques, tools, equipment and manpower. We use the latest industry standards!


Safety is important to all of us! That’s why we use professionally safe green products for over 20 years. When you combine our products, techniques, tools, equipment with microfibre cloths, you will have a very clean and healthy home!


Our pre-cleaning inspection will include specific questions about your home to help determine what items we need to use during the odour removal process. We want to know if you have any concerns so we address them immediately. Every client, every home and every odour situation is different.

We have combined the power and effectiveness of microfibre cloths, green cleaning products and years of cleaning experience to remove all that dust, dirt and debris from your home. Depending on the severity of your situation, we may require additional cleaning supplies, equipment and indoor air quality machinery. Once onsite, we will inspect your home to determine what is best for you.

For many general odour situations, we need to start cleaning the air in your home by ventilating the home and containing the affected area. We will remove the source of the odor and clean odor-causing residue. We vacuum using an industrial HEPA filter vacuum cleaner and then deodorize or sanitize the affected area with indoor safe green products.

For water or moisture related situations, we need to start drying your home. We use industrial drying equipment such as air scrubbers to clean the air, turbo fans to dry materials and dehumidifiers to strip the moisture from the air.

Our Odour Removal Service specializes in:
- Pet odour
- Food odour
- Unknown odour
- Fire related odour
- Smoke related odour
- Water related odour
- Moisture related odour

We want to ensure your complete satisfaction and will perform a post cleaning inspection with you before we leave. We will answer any questions you may have about our Odour Removal Service.

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