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Dust can hide in smallest places.


Your renovations are finally done; time to get your space back in place. Well almost done. Dust, dirt and debris from your renovations take over unless you tent off the renovated section and use an air scrubber. This type of clean up can be overwhelming because dust, dirt and debris will hide everywhere, especially in places you may not think such as your duct work, rooms located at the furthest point, in your closets or cabinets and closed rooms or offices.

Having a clean home or office is important to all of us, especially to those of us who suffer from breathing difficulties, allergies and sensitivities.

We have combined the power and effectiveness of HEPA filter vacuum cleaners, microfibre cloths, green cleaning products and years of cleaning experience to properly and thoroughly clean your home or office. We will remove all that dust and dirt building up in your space which in turn will increase indoor air quality.


Safety is important to all of us. We use a variety of the latest indoor safe agents and products to thoroughly clean the various surfaces in your home or office.


We will perform a pre-cleaning inspection with you. Our pre-cleaning inspection will include specific questions about the construction that took place in your space to help determine what products need to be used as well as what items and/or areas are priorities. We want to achieve the best results.

Our cleaning team will:

- Supply and use all cleaning materials, apparatus and machinery necessary to ensure all work assigned is performed in an efficient and effective manner
- Remove any trash, debris or leftover construction materials
- Throw away anything that you cannot reuse
- Vacuum every surface to remove dust, dirt and debris
- Wipe down all surfaces including appliances, cabinets, counter tops, ceiling fans, doors, shelves, window trim and sills and mirrors with an antibacterial cleaner
- Remove any smudges or dust left after vacuuming
- Clean all windows and remove any labels or stickers
- Sweep and mop any hardwood or tile floors
- Wash all walls, baseboards, ledges, doors and any other surfaces

Additional services available:

- Use an air purifier throughout the space to remove any airborne dust particles, bacteria or mold spores stirred up during the construction process
- Clean the HVAC duct and vents to remove any dust or other particles that have circulated through the system during construction. Once cleaned, please allow the system to run with the newly purified air
- Steam clean all carpeted areas required
- Supply a construction dumpster (if needed)
- Clean exterior and interior windows
- Clean all gutters (eaves through)

Lastly, we want to ensure your complete satisfaction and will perform a post cleaning inspection with you before we leave. We want to ensure we have placed all your items back in their proper place as well as ensure we have cleaned your space to your satisfaction answering any questions you may have about our post construction cleaning.

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