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80% of all soil in your wall-to-wall carpets is dry? Deep carpet cleaning on a consistent basis will ensure that you are removing irritants and unwanted odours from your home. 


There are many benefits to deep carpet cleaning, from removing those unsightly spots to removing odors. Since your wall to wall carpet is one of the biggest filters in your home, it makes sense to have it cleaned consistently. The cleaner and fresher your wall to wall carpet is, the cleaner and fresher your indoor air will be. Your wall to wall carpet will last longer when it stays cleaner.


Safety is important to all of us. We use natural carpet cleaner and a variety of the latest indoor safe agents and products to thoroughly clean and protect your carpet.

In particular, we use cleaning products from Benefect. Benefect is a company that provides a product line of green products, such as:

  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Quantum
  • Disinfectant
  • Impact
  • Atomic fire and soot degreaser

Not only do these green products disinfect and clean extremely well, but they are also plant based, safe for both residential and commercial clients as for those who have sensitivities or weak immune systems. Here at Jaiko Cleaning Services, we only use top of the line cleaning products, to ensure that all of our clients receive quality and safe deep carpet cleaning.


We will perform a pre-cleaning inspection with you. Our pre-cleaning inspection will include specific questions about your carpet and any large furniture we may need to move during the carpet cleaning process to get the best results.

Once the pre-cleaning inspection is complete, we will move furniture out of the way and begin dusting, which involves removing soil, dust and dirt using a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner with gentle rotating brushes.

We apply an indoor safe pre-conditioner and use a carpet groomer to gently massage the pre-conditioner into the base of your carpet targeting the hidden soil, dust and dirt. This important step will also help fluff up your carpet and make it feel soft after the carpet cleaning process.

Our professional spot removal kit carries a variety of spot removers to remove just about any food, drink or unknown spot on your carpet. We have the experience and take the time necessary to properly and thoroughly remove spots from your carpet.

We use an industrial safe steam carpet cleaning machine to apply our indoor safe carpet cleaning agents to your carpet and flush out all the hidden soil, dust and dirt. The carpet cleaning solution is then vacuumed up into a tank and then removed and discarded in a safe manner.

Steam carpet cleaning is a fast-drying deep cleaning system. We also use turbo drying fans and most wall to wall carpets dry in 4 to 6 hours.

In order to complete your carpet cleaning service, we apply an indoor safe sanitizer and Dupont Teflon TM fabric protector. The sanitizer eliminates any odor that may be present and the carpet protectors shield your carpet from daily use and spills.

The carpet cleaning must meet our high standards.

Lastly, we want to ensure your complete satisfaction with our deep carpet cleaning service, and will perform a post-cleaning inspection with you before we leave. As part of our post cleaning inspection, we will answer any questions you may have about our carpet cleaning process and cleaning products. We also can provide you with helpful tips to extend the life of your wall-to-wall carpet.



Commercial carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpets at least once every six months. Steam cleaning is the best soil removal system for carpet cleaning. This method involves applying hot water into the fabric under high pressure and then extracting it immediately.

Jaiko Cleaning Services’ steam cleaning system includes a high pressure pre-treatment for spots with a natural enzyme. This pretreatment is gently groomed into the carpet to help loosen deep embedded soiling. All soiling and cleaning agents are then thoroughly rinsed from the carpeting. This process ensures a fast drying, residual free fabric and is the most effective method in soil removal.

The need for our cleaning process has never been greater due to the increase in the use of commercial carpeting as well as the fact that commercial carpeting is routinely glued down directly over concrete flooring.

We hope this information brochure is helpful and look forward to serving you in the near future. We know you will be happy you did.


Presentation is a vital part of sales and customer service, we recommend enrolling in our carpet maintenance program. Our maintenance program will be designed for your business, carpets and budget. The reason we suggest a carpet maintenance program is simple; commercial carpeting is well used and well traveled. If you do not maintain your carpet on a regular basis, you will notice in a short time your carpet will discolour, re-soil and wear out. Commercial carpet has poor resilience and will start to crush and mat in the high traffic areas, this unfortunately cannot be restored.

Our carpet maintenance program will include the following services:

1. A thorough deep steam cleaning of all carpeted traveled areas (frequency to be discussed and determined).
2. An as-needed monthly spot removal service (max. 5 spots per month).
3. A steam cleaning of all entrance ways on a BI-monthly basis.
4. A complimentary spot removal kit including free refills.
5. Discounts towards various cleaning services to all employees.

Our program offers many long-term benefits:

– Increases the presentation of your business
– Improves the indoor air quality of your business
– Saves money on premature replacement by prolonging the life of your carpet
– Removes offensive odours and spots when they happen
– Improves employee morale (a clean environment is proven to increase productivity)


Not only can we clean your carpet, but we can also repair any damaged or worn out areas of your wall to wall carpet. We can also resize your wall to wall carpet for another room or use it as an area rug or matting throughout your home or office. Ask us for more details when booking our service.


Looking for a carpet and couch cleaning service? Jaiko has you covered for both carpet and couch cleaning service. For more information on our furniture cleaning service, CLICK HERE. 



So what are you waiting for? You will be glad you did.