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Do I Need a Home Inspection?

Many people are unsure as to when they should hire a home inspector. The most common inspection is the pre purchase inspection. This is a responsible way to move forward with your purchase and to have your real estate agent write it into the conditions of sale along with your financing. If you are contemplating selling your home, then a pre listing inspection can be the best way to identify the condition of your home. With this information, doing repairs or replacing items that can affect the sale can be remedied and will reduce any surprises should a potential buyer have their own inspection.

If you are buying a condo apartment and are unsure if you need an inspection then the best way to look at it is to ask yourself, “Do I know everything about all of the systems in this apartment that I am comfortable in buying it”. The answer is most likely no and it is a good idea to hire a professional.

The excitement of ownership of a new build home may let you over look potential builder defects. Having a Tarion New Home Warranty Inspection will help identify these issues with your new build.

Rockburn Home Inspection can take the mystery out of the inspection process and help with all your inspections needs. (613) 447 ROCK (7625) or www.rockburnhomeinspection.com