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80% of all soil in your furniture is dry.

Furniture is the biggest filter in your home and over time your furniture will absorb odours.


Your furniture is a fabric, just like your clothes. You should vacuum your furniture once a week and every year have it professionally cleaned. Professional furniture cleaning will remove all the soiling from daily use and bring your fine fabric back to life.


Safety is important to all of us. We use a variety of the latest indoor safe agents and products to thoroughly clean and protect your furniture.


We will perform a pre-cleaning inspection with you. Our pre-cleaning inspection will include specific questions about your furniture and how often it is used

Once the pre-cleaning inspection is completed, we use HEPA filter vacuums so we can remove all that soil, dust and dirt in your furniture and apply an indoor safe pre-conditioner. After we apply the indoor safe pre-conditioner, we use a furniture groomer to gently massage the pre-conditioner into the base of your furniture targeting the hidden soil, dust and dirt. This important step will also help fluff up your fabric and make it feel soft after the cleaning process.

Our professional spot removal kit carries a variety of spot removers to remove just about any food, drink or unknown spot on the fabric. We have the experience and take the time necessary to properly and thoroughly remove all markings and spots.

We use an industrial safe steam cleaning machine to apply our indoor safe cleaning agents to your furniture and flush out all the hidden soil, dust and dirt. The cleaning solution is then vacuumed up into a tank and then removed and discarded in a safe manner.

Steam cleaning is a fast drying deep cleaning system. We also use turbo drying fans and most furniture dries in 4 to 6 hours.

In order to complete your Furniture Cleaning Service, we apply an indoor safe sanitizer and Dupont Teflon TM fabric protector. The sanitizer eliminates any odor that may be present and the fabric protector shields your furniture from daily use and spills.

The cleaning must meet our high standards.

Lastly, we want to ensure your complete satisfaction and will perform a post cleaning inspection with you before we leave. As part of our post cleaning inspection, we will answer any questions you may have about our cleaning process and cleaning products. We also want to ensure we have removed all spots and stains to your satisfaction.

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